Ease GLL

Welcome to our quick-start guide for EASY FOCUS 3.

We will explain step by step how to setup an IWAC210/118S system in EASE FOCUS 3.

EASE FOCUS helps you determine the correct angles of the IWAC210/118S array to cover the audience zone.

  • Download the EASE FOCUS 3 software on our SUPPORT page
  • Install the software and start the EASE FOCUS 3 software, be sure that "Show Mapping" in top left corner is actived.
  • Import the CELTO ACOUSTIQUE System Definition File.
  • Input the correct Depht and Width of the Audience Zone :
  • Select System Definition and select CELTO ACOUSTIQUE, click OK
  • Click in the Audience zone to place a IWAC210/118S system, drag and drop to place a the correct position (X-Y)
  • Choose desired Frame setup :
    Tip : The crossbow has a maximum load of 8 Units, the IWAC118S-Frame 16Units
    An IWAC210 counts for 1Units, an IWAC118S counts for 2Units
  • Insert Heigt of the frame in the venue
  • Insert quantity of cabinets in one array.
    Remark : Due to software limitation, keep in mind that the IWAC118S counts for 2 units (box) For example, on a crossbow frame, if you use 2 IWAC118S (4 Units), you can only add a maximum of 4 IWAC210 (4x1 Units) or 2 IWAC210 and 1 IWAC118S (2x1 + 2 Units), or 2 IWAC118S (2x2 Units)
  • Put correct type of loudspeaker in the array
    Remark : The IWAC118S can only be putted on top of the array
  • Click and start autosplay, notice angles of every loudspeaker after autosplay calculation
  • Copy existing Setup
  • Paste existing setup and put in correct position (X-Y)
  • Note Height and Weight
  • You can create a PDF report if desired, to share and print with technicians on the field for example