Kiki's Bar @ Alexandria - Egypt goes iFIX

If you don't know yet where to go this summer and you are looking for a wonderful beach clubbing spot, why don't you try KIKIs bar nearby Alexandria ? Featuring 60 pcs of our iFIX speakers in natural color finish and pushed by our Performance series amplifiers, this club will please your ears as much as it will delight your sens. Thanks to Audio Baseline, our distributor in Egypt, for this stunning installation !

8x iFIX8 Natural (Beach Front)
4x iFIX17s Natural (Beach Front)
1x SP26 DSP (Beach Front)
2x P4.14 Amplifier (Beach Front)

48x iFIX10 Natural (Club)
24x iFIX17s Natural (Club)
2x SP26 DSP (Club)
12x P4.14 Amplifiers (Club)